Art tells a story. It shows who you are. Art is personal.
Connects people. Art is immersion. It is passion. Art differentiates!



Welcome to our site. Please take your time; look around and enjoy.

ArtFusion is for you if you want art. If you wish to enliven your interior. If you wish to express who you are or how you feel through art.

Our extensive collection of contemporary, modern art is diverse and inspiring. Over fifty artists work & collaborate with us and are involved in the gallery.

Buy? Rent? Pay in installments (without extra cost)? We try to help. Because art should be within reach. For everyone.

You can also visit us in real life at the Villa Arena Amsterdam 


Light and shade on the Prinsengracht

Steve White



Engelien Dam


Rode passie

Lucienne van Eeden


Met mijn konijn in de sneeuw

Petra Schut


Connected in silence

Cynthia VandenBor


Blonde d'Acquitaine

Hanneke Toes



Koen Huitink


Stone of Contemplation

Wout Wachtmeester


Moon over Willem II straat

Bram van Baalen


Cows 2

Janet Timmerije


Feest van herkenning

Marjolein van Ginkel