Helma van Kleinwee

Vleuten, 1955

'Pleasure and pure joy'

Helma's colourful paintings are pure joy. They have the power of expression and personality of the artist, but allow the viewer complete freedom to interpret what they see. Her work sometimes seems to exude an almost childish reflection, a naive combination of cheerful lines and whimsical patches of colour. She largely sketches her "dancing houses". Her work is definitely not a smooth finish; the focus is on the process of painting. The paint is grainy and pasted onto the panel. Often layers shine through, which give the painting the appearance of a weather -worn wall.

'I choose themes together with my partner; for example Water, the Deepening, Symphony, the Fantastic landscape, Art from within and Samos. The richness of painting continuously fascinates me. The tension at the start. Every time again. Do what you feel. I strive for harmony and balance. My work is really a constant search for myself.'

Work of Helma van Kleinwee